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About Us

Mini Mooches is an Australian Handmade business established in 2011 that specialises in creating unique threads for little people. When designing our garments we aim to create that wow factor, whether it be with a spectacular open back, sparkly sequin embellishments or golden tulle ruffles. All our items are Handmade right here on the Sunshine Coast in QLD Australia.

Mini Mooches also used to work closely with Destiny Rescue; a charity organisation who rehabilitates young girls and teaches them a trade so they can stand on their own two feet. This gave them the opportunity to not have to rely on the sex industry that exploits young women in so many countries around the world. The sewing house I was working with sadly had to close down so I got in touch with a few of the young women who ran production. I was able to provide them with some machines and now they have set up their own little sewing house. They are paid the same rate sewers in Australia are paid so it is an ethical alternative to outsourcing manufacturing.

A couple of times a year we will be releasing special ‘Ruffles to the Rescue’ Collections which will be handmade by these girls. My passion and love for fashion is mirrored by my excitement to be able to help give women an opportunity to work outside of exploitation and the sex industry. All these girls need is an opportunity to be released from an occupation no one should be forced into. If you'd like to read a bit more check out our blog post over at

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