Mini Handbag - Tinkabell

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Complete her outfit with our stylish handbag. We have added a fusing lining within the layers to keep the bag in shape but still being able to be washed. Help her keep all her treasures close by and keep them safe with top closure and snap clip. A lovely little accessory for your Mini.

We use the offcuts and left over fabrics to make our handbags/totes. Here at Mini Mooches don't like waste and love being able to create extra little pieces of magic for you. 

- 100% Cotton 
- Fusing paper on the inside of the fabric layers to help keep shape
- Top closure secured by a snap clip 
- Mini Mooches label  
- Designed and Handmade in Australia by Mini Mooches 

Note: All bags have slightly different trims on them. It may not be exactly the same as the picture shown. As mentioned above we use the remaining fabrics and trimmings therefore may have run out of certain ones but added in something else instead. That's what makes it special and unique. Love Sal x 

Mini Handbag - Tinkabell
Mini Handbag - Tinkabell