Patch Ruffle Skirt

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The Original and completely Unique Patch Skirt! Our Patchy skirts are made from the left over fabrics from our gorgeous handmade creations. We like to minimise wastage here at Mini Mooches and thought these were the perfect solution to use up all our fabrics off-cuts! Each skirt is completely unique, there will never be another exactly like it!

- 100% Cotton
- Ruffle frill on the bottom 
- All sorts of floral fabrics put together
- Elastic waistband for easy wearing 
- Non stretch fabric

*** PLEASE NOTE! Fabric squares and fabric placement will vary for each skirt. Will not be exactly like photo. ***

Designed and handmade in Australia by Mini Mooches

Patch Ruffle Skirt
Patch Ruffle Skirt
Patch Ruffle Skirt

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