Reusable Pass the Parcel Pouches

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This cute, reusable pass the parcel bags are perfect for children's birthday parties. It has approx 10 layers, alternating between patterned fabric. Each pouch is opened by tearing the velcro which give a fun sensation on each layer. 

- Sealed with press buttons on each pouch 
- Different fabrics 
- Enough room between layers to pop in stockers or a small gift

Handmade by Mini Mooches 

Please note: These are a pre order and will need to be made on purchase. Please allow 2 week timeframe before posting. The fabrics Mary vary too depending on stock available. We will get them as close as possible or will be in contact with you. 

Reusable Pass the Parcel Pouches
Reusable Pass the Parcel Pouches